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Featured eLiquids

Bubba Juice by Juice Man
Bubba Juice by Juice Man $19.00

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

70% VG

Custard Killer by Unreal
Custard Killer by Unreal $28.00

Made with custard, a sweet french vanilla and hints of butterscotch, Custard Killer was made to satisfy. Come's with a 3ml graham cracker flavor shot that compliments the flavor nicely.

75% VG

Apple Crumb by MEGA
Apple Crumb by MEGA $25.00

A Sweet and Savory Apple Baked in Brown Sugar with Hints of Cinnamon in a Crumble Pie Crust  


Strawberry Custard by You Got E-Juice
Strawberry Custard by You Got E-Juice from $12.00

We use two different vanillas and two different strawberries to make this delicious and it's a personal staff favorite.

70% VG

Apple Pie by Kilo Black Series
Apple Pie by Kilo Black Series $30.00

Apple Pie

Each Package Contains:

  • 60ml of eliquid
  • 30ml Kilo Unicorn Bottle
  • Kilo Dog Tag Key Chain
  • Kilo Microfiber Cloth
  • Kilo Battery Case

70% VG

#11 Dulce Dream by DREAM
#11 Dulce Dream by DREAM from $15.00 $22.00

Sweet and earthy, Dulce Dream celebrates Dream™’s passion for layering handpicked flavors into a quality blend, inspired by the next generation of vapers. A generous mix of golden honeyed caramel and sugar-roasted hazelnuts is topped with white chocolate and infused with rich, fine vanilla, elements that call to mind a timeless flavor that's sure to be a classical addition for every vaper.

70% VG

Weirdo Vape
Weirdo Vape from $25.00

Nerdy Creamy Candy

Sally by Vapegurt - All the best eLiquid flavors -
Sally by Vapegurt $19.00

Strawberries and Cream whipped up with some sweet yogurt

Drippin Whip by The Fat Jewce
Drippin Whip by The Fat Jewce $60.00

Fresh, sweet, fluffy whipped cream like you're hitting it straight from the can.

This spot-on flavor is the palette pleasing brainchild from the collaborative forces of internet sensation, The Fat Jew and One Hit Wonder Eliquid.

Vape it straight up for its full bodied, vanilla infused, cream flavor or put a few drops in any other flavor of your liking to add a sweet, whipped cream topping.

Each bottle of Drippin Whip comes labeled with a ScratchVerify secret code. Scratch your label and enter your code online to verify the authenticity of the product and also gain points that can be redeemed for vape gear, apparel and prizes.

80% VG

#12 Crimson Cake by DREAM
#12 Crimson Cake by DREAM from $15.00

An adult cake bite (or pop). A rich vanilla cake center soaked in bourbon, and covered in a red raspberry buttercream. Finally topped off with roasted nuts, giving it horns just like the devil

70% VG

Fried Cream Cakes by Liquid EFX
Fried Cream Cakes by Liquid EFX $27.00

Fried Cream Cakes captures the essence of this favorite fairground snack: Creamy vanilla filling and fluffy, yellow sponge cake fried to perfection in a golden batter and dusted with just a hint of powdered sugar.
No calories, no grease…just 60 mL’s of exquisite flavor. 

70% VG

#02 Vintage Tobacco Blend by DREAM
#02 Vintage Tobacco Blend by DREAM $15.00 $22.00

The gold standard in a tobacco flavor – Dream™ Vintage Tobacco Blend delivers the full aroma and taste of fine premium cut tobacco, a flavor designed specifically for vaping. The tobacco taste is the embodiment of a true English club luxury.

50% VG

I Love Taffy by Mad Hatter Juice
I Love Taffy by Mad Hatter Juice $30.00

I Love Taffy by Mad Hatter eJuice - Delicious Peach Taffy, Sweet Like Candy!

70% VG

Mad Hatter Juice - I Love Donuts - All the best eLiquid flavors -
Mad Hatter Juice - I Love Donuts $20.00

I Love Donuts: a delicious blend of succulent blueberries with subtle pastry notes that deliver a simple, yet complex flavor that appeals to all vapers from the novice to the professional. I Love Donuts comes in a 60/40 VG/PG mix to deliver thick clouds without compromising on flavor. I Love Donuts brings a refreshing change to the dessert flavor category without all the calories of eating a real donut! Every 30ml bottle comes packaged in a miniature donut box to complete the experience.

H20BERRY by Taffy Man
H20BERRY by Taffy Man $18.00

A surge of watermelon with soft undertones of strawberry taffiness.

70% VG

GR8PE by Taffy Man
GR8PE by Taffy Man $18.00

Experience a taste that'll make you think you're sinking your choppers into a massive slab of grape taffy

70% VG